About Botaani

We are founders of a disruptive health and wellness company. We believe everyone has the right to live well and quite simply our mission is for everyone to live well with Botaani.

Our manufactured product Botaani Cannafusion sets the gold standard in optimal high-resin, whole plant cannabis concentrates and we are proud to offer it to you.​

Our Team​

The business is wholly owned by the team, so you know that we are vested in getting everything right for you, at every stage.

Each of our team has a powerful story and connection to the company. There is a collective belief in the power of Botaani Cannafusion and its impact on people’s lives.

A History of Cannabis​

Our Botaani Cannafusion concentrate is brought to you with a long heritage, that dates back to the early records of the ‘father of Chinese Medicine’, when medicinal cannabis was listed in 2,800 BC in the Emperor Shen Nung’s pharmacopoeia.