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  1. Ann

    I have been using the concentrate for six months now, I hold it completely responsible for stopping the joint pain I have lived with for years. I have recommended it to all my friends and family.

  2. James

    The most medicinal oil I’ve used and it tastes like honey, have it mixed with water it dissolves without a trace or any residue.

  3. Em

    Great to see the site up and running. Lots of interest from friends (all fellow menopause sufferers :-)), its definitely helped lift my mood and I am sure it stopped my hot flushes. Have now bought some for my mum who has now recommended it to her best friend who in turn has bought some. Both have insomnia and joint pain.

  4. Justen

    This is an incredible product, its helped with my swollen neuroganglion and general inflammation. Botaani is an everyday staple for me.

  5. Debbie

    EXCELLENT product which I use daily for my well being. Great for anxiety and ensuring a good night’s sleep. Highly recommended.

  6. Ryan

    Capturing the full essence of the plant and all its healing property’s, this oil has left me feeling clear headed and rejuvenated, just a few drops every morning help me get through the day both physically and mentally. Has definitely left me feeling more balanced.

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